Posted by: Matt Compton | February 13, 2008

Random Tuesday in February

Yesterday, I stepped off the metro at Eastern Market, and walked right into an impromptu rally for Barack Obama. Mayor Fenty had taken the senator around the neighborhood, and then they’d gone to Dunkin Donuts to buy coffee for some campaign workers. Unable to get rid of my grin, I got into the receiving line. As Obama passed by, I reached out, gave him a two-handed shake, and said, “Good luck today, Senator.” He looked right back at me and said, “We appreciate that.”

The scene was full of cameras, and as I watched MSNBC yesterday, I saw the rally in the loop footage as they talked about the campaign. Then, as I logged onto the New York Times last night, I saw this picture:

The New York Times

I’m in there, but probably too small for you to see.


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